BC Fan Vote: How Will BC’s 2012 Football Season Go?


This afternoon, a small feature on the previous Soaring to Glory poll question regarding the final record of this Boston College football team. We got a decent sample size, and here’s how the fans felt about the overall sort of season BC will have:

A plurality, 40.9%, believe that the Eagles will have a losing season this year. Only 34.8% believe BC is heading for a winning season (with a slight majority of those votes going for 7-5), while all the rest (24.3%) came up the middle and expect a 6-6 campaign. If you want to put those results another way:

59.1% of you believe BC will be bowl-eligible when the regular season is over. A majority of those who went for bowl eligibility voted for either 6-6 or 7-5.

A clear majority of fans, 59.1%, stayed in the middle by voting for a 5-7 win season. The average number of wins the fans expect, based upon the vote totals, rounds up to 6.

So there you have it: the official expectation for this season seems to be 6-6 and just sneaking into a bowl game. The Eagles must go no worse than 5-5 for the remainder of the regular season to accomplish that. Can they do it? Stay tuned.