Maine at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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4. What happens if, by some horrible twist of fate, BC loses to Maine?

Fire and brimstone would fall from the sky, the ground would open up and swallow O’Neill Library, and pestilence and woe would reign in Chestnut Hill for seven times seven generations.

But seriously, it would probably be a sign that this team is hopelessly, utterly, and incontrovertibly screwed.

Now, don’t all go and assume that this is the outcome I see happening, because it’s not likely, but we can’t dismiss the possibility, regardless of how remote it may be. BC is going to have to work hard to prepare for this game like any other opponent, because when you take teams too lightly, games like Michigan-Appalachian State or Virginia Tech-James Madison happen. There is every reason to believe the Eagles can get on the board with win #1 this weekend, but it won’t be handed to them, not even by Maine.

A loss, as unlikely as it seems, would be like dropping a JDAM in the middle of team and fan morale. Simply put, you can’t lose to teams like this and not suffer serious consequences as a result, especially a team like BC which starts the year with fragile bowl hopes. Cough up one or two of the easier games on the schedule and these guys are watching the Skittles Taste the Rain-Bowl by the Christmas tree at home instead of playing in it.

Virginia Tech’s 0-2 start with a loss to JMU may come to mind, and so might their running the table thereafter. That team was much better than how it played against the Dukes, and they had the talent to sweep the rest of the conference away; we don’t. A loss, though improbable, would be a huge setback — you know it, I know it, and the players know it. They have to have it.