Miami at Boston College: Bottom Line and Pick


Finally, it’s time to pick Miami at Boston College.

After four days of previews, what have we learned about Boston College and their Saturday afternoon visitors? Some bullet points:

• Nothing.

Seriously, what have we uncovered about these two teams that can help us figure out which way this game will lean? The point spread is tight, both teams are forecast for fifth place in their respective divisions, the Eagles and Hurricanes both have injuries, turnover, or both, and both seem to be embarking on a season-long journey to “find” themselves. It was a toss-up a month ago, it was a toss-up on Monday, and it’s a toss-up today.

The Hurricanes are a program that needs to rebuild, and damn if you can’t say the same about Boston College. Putting these two mediocre to sub-par teams against one another yields enigmas and uncertainties. This isn’t some clear-cut matchup like BC vs. Bunker Hill Community College (if they even had a football team): these are two teams that will probably end up in a similar place at the end of the season. Saturday’s game could go in a number of different directions, some of which are good for BC and none of which would surprise me.

Miami has a very good chance at winning. The difference between these two teams isn’t that large and you’re probably kidding yourself otherwise. With that said, I cannot in good conscience pick against BC in the first game of the season, no matter how much doubt there exists. We’re not going 12-0 and there are several upcoming ACC games that look like lopsided defeats, so I will surely have incentive to do so later, but not today. I pride myself on trying to be more objective and less of a homer, but I’m entitled to wear the maroon and gold-tinted glasses once a year. Should the Eagles win, put me down for something in the ballpark of 23-20.