Boston College Football Releases Miami Game Depth Chart


The Boston College Eagles football team updated the depth chart for the first time since summer training camp wrapped up, giving BC fans a few surprises along the way.

The easiest way to do this is position-by position:

Quarterback. No surprises; Chase Rettig and Josh Bordner.

Left tackle. No surprises; Emmett Cleary and Dan Lembke.

Left guard. Bobby Vardaro still starting, but now redshirt freshman Eddie Meredith has worked his way into the mix.

Center. I had a feeling they’d move Andy Gallik back to center starter, and they’ve done it, putting Ian White back at RG. He’s really going to need to improve this season. Paul Gaughan backs up.

Right guard. Ian White starts here as he should and Seth Betancourt has finally found his way back into the two-deep, but where is Harris Williams? BC’s previous depth chart had this position as Williams and Liam Porter, neither of whom are here now.

Right tackle. John Wetzel and Aaron Kramer as expected.

Tight end. CJ Parsons, former defensive end, will apparently be our starter, with his backups being two offensive linemen, Dave Bowen and Liam Porter. In the summer depth chart, Porter was second on the two-deep at right guard. Brian Miller is supposedly being eased in but I’m wondering why we don’t even see Jarrett Darmstatter. There are three guys listed here and none are tight ends (though Parsons played a little in high school).

Running back. I guess Andre Williams is okay, and Rolandan Finch isn’t. Williams starts and Tahj Kimble backs up. At least we’re not throwing backup quarterbacks in here.

Wide receiver (3). In the aftermath of Bobby Swigert’s injury, we have a few new faces. Alex Amidon is one starter; that’s no shock. Donte Elliott is backing him up, which doesn’t stun me too much as he’s a senior. Then we have Johnathan Coleman as the second starter and true freshman Dan Crimmins behind him; Coleman has evidently slid up in Swigert’s absence. Finally, the big surprise is Spiffy Evans over Colin Larmond Jr. (though it says Spiffy “or” Larmond). Wouldn’t have envisioned it even being an either/or situation; it’s interesting that Larmond might not start, and if that’s the case, I’ll have to ask why.

Left end. No surprises; Brian Mihalik and Mehdi Abdesmad.

Left defensive tackle. Kaleb Ramsey and Jaryd Rudolph; Rudolph has evidently done enough to win his way back into BC’s good graces after his less than sterling offseason.

Right defensive tackle. I’m pleased that Dominic Appiah has taken this spot, and Dillon Quinn moves behind. Appiah played too well last season to be buried in the second slot.

Right end. No surprises; Kasim Edebali and Connor Wujciak.

Sam linebacker. Steele Divitto and true freshman Tim Joy here, as Andre Lawrence drops off the depth chart. Curious to see what Joy can do. Surprised that we don’t see Steven Daniels at any of the three linebacker positions.

Mike linebacker. Nick Clancy (formerly listed at WLB) had a good summer camp and knocked Sean Duggan out of the starting role at MLB. Nick Lifka remains as backup.

Will linebacker. Kevin Pierre-Louis isn’t a shock here, but Sean Duggan now backs him up (it was previously Clancy).

Front corner. Manny Asprilla deserves his starting role, and the fact that true freshman Bryce Jones is here means that CJ Jones isn’t going to be seeing significant playing time off of his injury right away.

Strong safety. Jim Noel should be the starter and is, but here’s another true freshman backup in Justin Simmons. Dominique Williams has fallen off.

Free safety. The depth chart has Spenser Rositano starting and Josh Keyes backing up; I would have probably flipped them.

Back corner. Sean Sylvia is starting here now but James McCaffrey has fallen off the depth chart and was replaced by Ameer Richardson. Sylvia’s got energy but he needs to pick up his game this season.

Punter. Looks like Gerald Levano will be the starter after all; Alex Howell will get his turn next year.

The more I look at it, the more questions I have. Our depth issues are undeniable: there is a lot of inexperience up and down this listing, and there are some guys I did not expect to see in certain spots. My biggest issue is with the tight end position, where we don’t have any tight ends. I know Chris Pantale and Mike Naples are down, but did the others really perform so poorly over the summer that we have here two offensive lineman and a guy who previously played DE? Either way, it’s an indictment of our roster construction.

Dominic Appiah being rewarded with the right tackle spot pleases me the most, as I didn’t like the idea of him being stuck behind Kaleb Ramsey.

We’ve shuffled up the offensive line again from the previous depth chart, and we’ll have to see how that goes. BC is also pretty thin in the secondary without Al Louis-Jean helping out.

Should be an interesting game on Saturday to say the least.