Breaking: Gene DeFilippo Retires as Boston College Athletic Director


Boston College announced this afternoon that Gene DeFilippo, athletic director since the late 1990s, will retire effective September 30. John Kane is now the acting A.D., according to ATL.

This news will likely be received warmly by Eagles fans who watched DeFilippo preside over the destruction of the football program since Jeff Jagodzinski crossed him in 2009. In fairness, his legacy at Boston College will be a mixed one, but is not without its highlights. He did do a lot of good, particularly in bringing BC to the ACC and leaving Jerry York alone to do this thing without interference, but the state of the football program over the last few years cost him a great many supporters. I know he loved Boston College, but the last three football seasons were just dreadful, and they fall at his feet.

Of course, in much brighter news, it also means Frank Spaziani’s days as Eagles head coach are officially numbered. A new athletic director will be found, and there is almost no way whatsoever that said individual will cling to a mediocre coach with a win total in decline, unless the Eagles far exceed expectations in 2012. He (or she) will want their own guy in there, likely in 2013.

This is a good day, and the rise of the football program may yet be at hand. More perspective to follow this weekend.