101 Days of BC Football: DL Coach Jeff Comissiong


While Boston College has some new faces patrolling the sidelines, there are also a number of returning ones. This 2012 BC football staff has a coach who almost became an old face, depending on who you asked. That man is Jeff Comissiong, the defensive line coach.

“Commish” played his college football at the University of Maine as a defensive lineman, though the year of his graduation is something of a matter of dispute. It would seem as though his undergrad years wrapped up in 1994, but he remained as a graduate student through 1997. In the 1996 and 1997 seasons, he was a grad assistant on the defensive line and in recruiting.

In 1998, Comissiong stayed in Maine and got a new job at Bates College as their defensive line coach on their Division III football team. He stayed for two seasons, until he returned to his alma mater in 2000 as the defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator. Comissiong would hold that spot through the 2005 campaign, when Harvard hired him to the same role for 2006. He came west a year later to join Jeff Jagodzinski’s staff as the defensive line coach. This is Comissiong’s sixth season at Boston College.

Several talented defensive linemen have come through during his tenure at BC, but there are others that need to be groomed in the here and now to become the next great players, like Dominic Appiah, Connor Wujciak, and Kieran Borcich. It’ll be Comissiong’s responsibility to see that those guys continue to get better. Not every player that’s come through since 2007 has been a sure thing, and there have been a couple individual disappointments during his tenure.

Of course, if you listened to Rivals ’round about the time Dave Brock and Ryan Day left, you’d have seen that Comissiong bailed out to join Rutgers’ staff as their new defensive line coach. Until he didn’t. The article still exists and was never officially retracted, nor was it dispelled, but Comissiong is still here. Either someone got bad information or Comissiong changed his mind.

Mind-change or not, Commish is still the defensive line coach, and he’s got a lot of work ahead for 2012.