101 Days of BC Football: TE Coach Sean Devine


There has been some turnover on the Boston College football coaching staff heading into the 2012 season. One way or another, almost the whole staff was shaken up, including shifting around a few men who stayed. Sean Devine, the former offensive line coach, was switched to tight ends for this upcoming year.

Devine begins his fourth season on the Boston College coaching staff, the first three of which were spent working on the offensive line. The first stop on his path to Boston College was his alma mater Colby, where he coached the defensive line for two years. While at Colby as a player, Devine played linebacker. He’d then head south to the University of New Hampshire and remain for roughly the next twelve years in varying capacities. Devine began as UNH’s defensive line coach, the switched to the offensive line and became their recruiting coordinator, and finally he spent the final two years as offensive coordinator for the Wildcats.

Finally, in 2009, Devine arrived at BC. For three years, he presided over the Eagles’ offensive line, and though it had a few men head to the NFL, the overall quality of play has declined. Devine inherited a unit which was referred to as “O-Line U” for the steady crop of NFL talent BC sent forth, but this was no O-Line U last season. The performance of the offensive line over the last three years has been very inconsistent, which is ultimately why Jim Bollman was brought in and Devine will take Dave Brock’s old job.

It is the hope of us all that Devine succeeds in his new position, for the sake of the team going forward.