101 Days of BC Football: Win Homer, #79


It had been the case at Boston College for years that this school brings in offensive linemen and groomed them into useful NFL draft picks, or simply some of the better blockers around the college game. Some were expected to be great and some weren’t, but we’ve had both. Newcomer Win Homer is part of the former category.

Homer comes from Christchurch, Virginia, a small town near the Rappahannock River in the eastern part of the state. While there, he attended the Christchurch School, a private Episcopal prep academy and played for a football team known as the Seahorses. Homer was an excellent student at Christchurch, ending up as class salutatorian, but it was his work on the field which caught the eye of Boston College. He dominated on the offensive line, and his scouting report speaks of a player who possessed the “ability to dominate lesser opponents at his present level of competition.” Further, the Seahorses’ run game did quite well with Homer’s blocking skills. It wasn’t all glowing, though, as they felt Homer was too light for Division I college football at that point, but that can be improved upon in time.

Initially during the recruiting process, Homer was listed by both Rivals and ESPN as a three-star recruit. Rivals later increased this to four while the others stuck with three. The schools seeking him were all in the ACC: Boston College, NC State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Homer chose the furthest-away of those four, and the one with the best recent historical reputation for strong offensive lines. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many stars he has: what matters is production.

This year, one would think he won’t get the chance to do it. Homer is a probable redshirt candidate while he hopes to add some size and improve his strength in his year off.