101 Days of BC Football: Mike Giacone, #88


Once more, we’re back to 2012 recruits from New Jersey. This one happens to come from a Jesuit school and one of the most prominent preps in the state. From St. Peters in Jersey City comes Mike Giacone.

Giacone suited up in the maroon and white (they’re batting .500) for the Marauders until his senior season of 2011. As a senior tight end, he was named to several all-star teams, county, state, and regional. Though Giacone had less than 200 receiving yards in his final year at St. Peter’s, he was still a three-star recruit on the maps of several BCS-conference schools (seven to be exact). His particular skills are in blocking, and this caught the eye of plenty of programs.

After weighing all his options, Giacone made the clear choice for him: Rutgers.

This is perhaps one of the few cases in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could indirectly do Boston College a favor. You see, the Bucs were dreadful in 2011 and quit on their head coach, who was later fired. They replaced him with Greg Schiano, Rutgers head coach, and when he was no longer associated with the program, neither was Giacone. He reopened his commitment and ultimately decided to go to BC.

The Eagles are keeping him at tight end, and he’s already one of the bulkiest guys at the position that BC has. His measurements are 6-foot-5.5 and 249 pounds; clearly, scouting reports regarded his size as a plus. Another of the skills to his credit is the ability to catch, though he’s a short-distance receiver and sports only average speed.

It’s a tough call as to whether or not he will redshirt. You’ve still got Chris Pantale and there are other tight ends on the team ready to go like Mike Naples and Jarrett Darmstatter. Finally, there’s also Brian Miller, a tight end who is currently listed as a wide receiver on the two-deep. Giacone might not be needed this year, and he would probably not get a great deal of playing time, anyway, they might save him for 2013.