101 Days of BC Football: Carmen Dello Iacono, #85


Every football team has walk-ons; Boston College has had more than a few featured already and we’re not done yet. Another one of those folks who joined BC football sans scholarship is Carmen Dello Iacono, our second #85.

Dello Iacono doesn’t count as being a local recruit, since he wasn’t a recruit, but he is local. He comes from all the way out in Dedham — such a long drive, I know — and is listed by Boston College as a tight end. Dello Iacono (whom I will henceforth call CDI for purposes of convenience) played his high school ball at Dedham, where he appeared mainly as a wide receiver but also as a defensive end. During his 2010 season, CDI had 280 receiving yards and a touchdown against Milton. He played some special teams as well, returning at least three kickoffs.

CDI tried out for the Boston College team in 2011 after matriculating at BC, and won a spot on the team right away. He participated in 2012 spring football while wearing #87 (but is now listed as #85) and will be in uniform for the 2012 regular season.

He’s not on the two-deep, nor would one expect him to get major playing time as a sophomore walk-on (hey, not everyone can be Steve Aponavicius). It’s hard to figure out where CDI will stick on this team and what function he might have, but you never know.