101 Days of BC Football: Jarrett Darmstatter, #82


The third tight end in a row to be featured on the 101 Days isn’t going to be the last. Like Chris Pantale yesterday, this one is also from New Jersey. Say hello to Jarrett Darmstatter, a redshirt sophomore from Barnegat.

Darmstatter joined Boston College’s incoming recruiting class of 2010, and was a three-star tight end out of Barnegat High School when he did it. He had a number of offers through which to sift, with some of the bigger names on the list being Florida State, Michigan State, and West Virginia. Alas, he chose Boston College and redshirted for the 2010 season.

There was a lot of scouting information available for Darmstatter when he came out of high school, where he was both a tight end and a linebacker. While his size at the time was cited as a potential drawback, Darmstatter’s skills as a short-distance receiver were praised. He was also seen as a very good, not great blocker when compared to some of his other contemporaries (though he said differently).

Darmstatter did not record any official statistics during the 2011 season. He also did not make the two-deep coming out of spring practice, though Darmstatter did play. During the March 31 spring game, he had four catches for 44 yards.

It does not appear as though Darmstatter will see much activity this season; I think with there being seniority in front of him, he won’t start getting into more games until a little later in his BC career. That may or may not be a good thing, but it’s what I see happening.