101 Days of BC Football: Emmett Cleary, #77


We’ve already heard from much of the Illinois contingent on Boston College’s football roster, but we’re not through with it yet. The last of the non-incoming players from the Land of Lincoln and Impeached Governors with Bad Toupees (I think that’s on the “Welcome to Illinois” sign) is Emmett Cleary.

Cleary is a senior tackle from Arlington Heights who was part of the 2008 recruiting class. He redshirted that season, but has appeared in essentially every game since 2009. Cleary went on to become a starting tackle, but in 2011, he appeared at right tackle. This year, it is anticipated that he will swing over to the other side at left tackle, swapping positions with fellow senior John Wetzel. If that’s so, it’ll now be Cleary on Chase Rettig’s blind side.

This switch will hopefully help both Cleary and Wetzel, who struggled last season. He played left tackle during spring football, including during the Jay McGillis spring game. In that March 31 contest, the offense looked like a hot mess at times for a variety of reasons, but a spring exhibition should not be taken too seriously.

Phil Steele, who is apparently more bullish on BC’s chances than most BC fans, named Cleary to his preseason All-ACC fourth team along with fellow offensive lineman Bobby Vardaro.