101 Days of BC Football: Bobby Vardaro, #76


Yesterday, we discussed issues of bulk on the offensive line, as far as who needs it. Today, we focus on a player who doesn’t. Bobby Vardaro, only a redshirt sophomore, is the biggest lineman Boston College has on this side of the football.

Vardaro is a local, playing his high school ball at Phillips Andover Academy while not living too far away in North Reading. He was an All-Star several times over, and Rivals listed him as the second-best recruit in Massachusetts for the 2010 incoming class.

Lots of guys who play on the offensive line that move on from the high school game to college get heavier as they go, and some cross the 300-pound plateau. Vardaro is one of the guys who showed up at BC already at 307 pounds. Now, his Boston College bio has him at 301, but the spring depth chart puts him at 312, which would make him the heaviest offensive lineman on the team, and he’s just a sophomore.

He started at left guard by the end of last season as a redshirt freshman, and he is currently slated to do the same in 2012. Vardaro missed some time in spring football, which probably doesn’t mean anything, but heading into this season, I see some good things for him. He played alright last year and showed his inclination to hit at the point of attack. Vardaro may end up being one of BC’s better starting linemen this season.