101 Days of BC Football: John Wetzel, #73


There are some very large individuals on Boston College’s offensive line. If you’ve ever stood next to them on the burrito line at Lower, you know what I mean. John Wetzel is the tallest of them all this year, standing at 6-8.

The senior from Pittsburgh is one of the most experienced offensive linemen BC has, but he’s been on the move. Last year, he was a left tackle, but this year, he’s off of Chase Rettig’s blind side and on to right tackle. Wetzel and Emmett Cleary have switched tackle positions going into summer training camp.

Prior to his arrival at Boston College, Wetzel played for Brashear High School in his hometown and played as a backup true freshman in 2009. He was on the second string once again in 2010 before finally getting his shot to start as a junior in 2011 upon the graduation and subsequent drafting of Anthony Castonzo. Clearly, he will start again in 2012.

It’s also apparent that Wetzel had difficulties starting at left tackle last season. Speaking bluntly, he had trouble standing up to the pressure he faced and opposing defenses were able to exploit it, which is part of the reason why we saw Chase Rettig fleeing half the time. These criticisms are in no way personal; rather, they are an accurate description of what we got last year. I don’t pin the offensive line’s issues solely on him.

Moving Wetzel to right tackle is an experiment that I hope works for both his sake and ours.