101 Days of BC Football: Eddie Meredith, #66


We’ve all heard of Mehdi Abdesmad, the foremost Canadian on Boston College’s football roster, but let’s not forget that there are others on the Heights representing the Great White North. A particularly promising new face in Eagles football this year is redshirt freshman Eddie Meredith.

Meredith is a big guy, coming in at 6-6 and 291 pounds. Yet it was not his stature – rather, his play – that got him named by Canada Football as the nation’s top high school lineman. Not for nothing, the Toronto Star also named him the best offensive lineman in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, not Grand Theft Auto) while receiving other various awards and being named to all-star teams. He played tackle for St. Andrew’s College in Aurora, Ontario before crossing the border to join the Eagles.

All we have on Meredith for now are high school scouting reports, but they’re generally quite favorable to him. A few days ago, we read that center Andy Gallik is a particularly good drive-blocker; Meredith’s scouting reports identify this as a potential weakness. Having what in the past has been a run-heavy team, this would be a drawback. They do speak highly of him as a pass blocker, though, and also note Meredith’s agility and physicality. If Doug Martin is able to transition BC into a more pass-happy, vertical offense (and let’s be honest, way more people than just Martin will be required to make it work), Meredith’s skill at standing up to pass rushes will be crucial.

Meredith has yet to make the two-deep, but there’s still summer camp and plenty of time thereafter for the Ontarian to get himself noticed on this team. Today, we raise a Molson in Meredith’s honor, and wish him good luck in the years ahead.