101 Days of BC Football: Jaryd Rudolph, #65…Maybe?


To this point, Jaryd Rudolph had a relatively unnoteworthy playing career for Boston College. Whatever fame he has accrued is a result of off-the-field activities.

Another local from Plympton, this junior defensive tackle did not make many waves in his first two years. Last season, he appeared in seven games and recorded six tackles. When the Miami game rolled around, Rudolph had not cracked the two-deep. One might say that he flew under the radar and casual fans probably did not know who he was.

All Boston College fans knew his name by March 22, during the spring workout season. The day before, Rudolph was charged with recording his roommate, another (anonymous) Boston College football player, doing the deed with a female student by audio device. This recording was then disseminated throughout his circle of friends, and the young lady who was unknowingly captured on tape found out. She pressed charges against Rudolph for illegal recording and unlawful wiretapping, and Rudolph was indefinitely suspended from the team.

Rudolph remains on Boston College’s roster and in the months that have passed since the incident, Boston College football has not offered any updates as to his status with the team. One would think that BC would have washed their hands of him already after being charged with two counts; after all, they’ve kicked guys off the team this year for things that didn’t land said individuals in court. Still, he remains.

One can argue that what Rudolph did was dumb, but not criminal (you bet there’s going to be a lawsuit, though). Others argue that he should pay for his insensitivity in court and through removal from the team. That’s a debate we had long ago; the two-part question for right now is if he’ll play and if he’ll be effective. On part one, I would say it’s doubtful, and on two, I’d say probably not even if he does get to stay on the team, based on past performance.