101 Days of BC Football: Harris Williams, #64


There’s still talent to be had in Massachusetts, and though we’ve noted lately how more than a handful are pursuing opportunities elsewhere, some local recruits are staying right at home. Harris Williams, a redshirt sophomore from Lynn, is one of them.

While appearing at both offensive and defensive lineman for Proctor Academy (Andover, NH), Williams won several awards, including All-New England Class C honors, Proctor’s 2010 Athletic Award, and the Evergreen League’s Offensive Lineman of the Year Award. He joined Boston College as an offensive lineman, but sat out the 2010 season.

Williams made his Eagles debut against Duke in 2011, but he played defense. His first tackle came against quarterback Sean Renfree, and he did a little more on defense in the weeks thereafter. Yet by the end of last season, Williams swung back to offense and was second on the two-deep at right guard behind Ian White.

Coming into 2012, White is slated to be the starter at center, so Harris Williams has slid to the top spot at right guard. There is still a scenario in which White could shift back to guard and displace Williams, which would leave Andy Gallik most likely anchoring the line. As it stands right now, there’s no indication that they’re going to go that way, so count on Harris Williams starting at right guard until we hear or see otherwise.

Williams has done a solid job playing on the offensive line so far in the games in which he has appeared, including the spring. He has the ability to succeed at right guard, and moving White to center to let Williams start may be the best scenario for this team.