101 Days of BC Football: Spenser Rositano, #47


Few freshman on the Boston College football team in 2011 had a bigger role than Spenser Rositano. This Virginia-native sophomore was thrust into the secondary as a true freshman and put up respectable numbers. This game is about more than stats, though, and as one might expect, there were some inconsistencies which need to be ironed out in 2012.

Last season, Rositano played ten games and totaled more tackles than any other freshman defenseman, and plenty played. He had 40 tackles on the year, while also forcing a fumble and blocking a punt against Duke in September. For bookkeeping purposes, Rositano also had a one-yard punt return.

There were some times when Rositano made some really nice plays, such as that blocked punt in his collegiate debut, and you can’t take those away from him. Then there were the difficulties; as a matter of fact, when selecting the appropriate photograph to go with this article, I had to choose one that is not properly formatted because all of the pictures that are show him standing next to a player of the opposing team who just scored. That sums up last season, and a lot of his freshman year, in a nutshell.

I can say that Rositano doesn’t lack for effort, but he’s going to need to bring more of it in 2012. He’s second on the two-deep at strong safety behind senior Jim Noel (in a tie of sorts with Dominique Williams), but we all know about the depth back here. If this secondary loses a guy here and a guy there, players like Rositano will be called upon to step up. Whatever the case may be, having a couple dozen tackles is nice, but it’s not everything. BC needs Rositano’s best in 2012.