101 Days of BC Football: Jake Sinkovec, #41


In Boston College football, positions change. Sometimes the moves make sense, and sometimes they don’t. In the case of junior Jake Sinkovec, who knows.

Sinkovec committed to Boston College on December 18, 2008 as an outside linebacker. Though he was only a two-star recruit, a few analysts considered him to be an under-the-radar choice. During high school at Carmel Catholic in Illinois, he played linebacker. He joined the Eagles and, in his most recent season (2011), Sinkovec had two tackles in eight games.

So I now I give you Jake Sinkovec: fullback. (And if you’re looking for that position on the depth chart, don’t bother — besides, when’s the last time BC ever made use of one, anyway?) In the spring game, he carried the ball five times for a net of 24 yards.

There’s no evidence that he ever played the position prior to spring football this year, so it’s an interesting switch to say the least. If he can handle the ball, we’ll see what happens. Could they have moved him because of the perceived depth at linebacker and they’re filling a need elsewhere? (Which is probably the most reasonable explanation, by the way.) Does he have a previously-clandestine talent for running the football? Who knows, but what we have right now is that Sinkovec has swapped defense for offense.

Will we see him in games, probably. He played in eight last year (on defense), but I don’t see why he’d appear in much fewer, even if he’s in on limited offensive plays. As for how he’ll do in his new role, well, you got me.