101 Days of BC Football: Jeffrey Jay, #37


We’re deep into the part of the roster that’s replete with walk-ons; today’s is a new face to BC football. That would be Jeffrey Jay, a sophomore wide receiver from Greenwich, CT.

What little we know about Jay’s football past is that he played his high school ball at the Brunswick School in Greenwich. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we can piece together a little bit about his history. Jeff Jay played for the Brunswick Bruins apparently as a quarterback, wide receiver, and a defensive back. If MaxPreps’ facts are accurate, Jay was one of the better receivers and defensive backs in their league, though playing on some pretty lousy teams down there in Connecticut.

I would be surprised if he did nothing at all during spring ball, because that’s typically a walk-on’s time to shine, but whether he did or didn’t, he appears in none of BC’s scrimmage write-ups. Hopefully he played and got to enjoy wearing the maroon and gold — I know I would if I ever had the chance to play football, but that’s not happening.

Anyway, I don’t believe we’re going to see Jay in action this season, but if things really start to melt down in the secondary with injuries and such, you never know.