Oops: Sex Spy Tape Gets Jaryd Rudolph Suspended from BC Football


Boston College football lost a player to suspension on Wednesday as Jaryd Rudolph, a junior defensive tackle from Plympton, Mass., was charged with a crime by police. The offense? Rudolph allegedly audiotaped one of his fellow players doing the horizontal mambo with a female student — without the knowledge of at least one party involved — and subsequently shared his ill-gotten recording with other BC athletes.

When she became aware, the female Boston College student reported it to BCPD, who took it to a Brighton court, who ruled that there was sufficient evidence to file charges against Rudolph for violating the Commonwealth’s eavesdropping laws. There is no word yet as to what sort of punishment he could face if convicted, but even if we are to operate under the assumption that it will be minor in nature, to quote Clemenza from The Godfather, “you won’t see him no more.” No, nothing like that has befallen our former player, but it is a reasonably safe bet that he is off the team for good.

Rudolph did not make the two-deep on the spring depth chart and rarely made any sort of impact on games. Last season, he amassed all of three solo tackles and assisted on another. Perhaps for the purposes of depth, he could have been useful in 2012, but we’ll never know now.