So, You Buying Luke Kuechly Yet?


He’s not athletic enough. His tackle numbers were inflated. He played for a bad team. His skills won’t translate to the NFL. He’s not “elite.”

Luke Kuechly has heard all of your dismissals of his playing ability and, on Monday, decided to swiftly stuff them up your miserable backside. The now-former Boston College linebacker has been dominating the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and the results bear out what analysts have been gushing about on television.

Kuechly NFL Combine results (official)

• 40-yard dash: 4.58 sec (3rd amongst linebackers)
• Bench press: 27 reps (T-6th)
• Vertical jump: 38″ (3rd)
• Broad jump: 123″ (5th)
• 3-cone drill: 6.92 sec (4th)
• 20-yard shuttle: 4.12 sec (3rd)
• 60-yard shuttle: 11.43 sec (T-1st)

Speed, agility, athleticism and strength were on display from Kuechly for the entire nation to see on NFL Network, and he managed to show up some “elite” prospects in the process. Analysts didn’t just rave about his fast times and impressive drills, however; here’s what BC alum Mike Mayock had to say:

One would have to imagine that his draft stock is shooting higher this week. The mock drafts at last check were all in agreement that Kuechly would fall to the Philadelphia Eagles at #15, but the question to consider now is this: if he continues gaining good press and forward momentum, will he last until #15?

NFL teams that desperately need a linebacker, this is your guy.