Taking Stock of BC Basketball’s Nearly-Complete Season

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Boston College’s 2011-12 men’s basketball season has been quite a ride, and in about two weeks or so, that trip will almost certainly come to an end in Atlanta, Georgia. No fewer than four games remain for Coach Steve Donahue in his quest to teach this freshman-heavy team the college basketball game, and there are still things to learn about this group.

When examining what they have done to this point, however, at what has this new team succeeded, and how have they disappointed? Keep in mind that the bar was set very low this season, but there were still some failings that need to be addressed.

Men’s Basketball Successes

Beating #17 Florida State. Clearly, this is the foremost achievement of this basketball team this season. Many outside observers didn’t even think BC would win a conference game, and not only did they do it, but they beat a ranked team which is more or less a lock for the NCAA Tournament. Few would have thought it possible in November — or even a few days before it happened.

Winning consecutive ACC games; three total (so far). Three ACC wins is not a lot, nor does it seem as such, but again, the expectation was not only for zero, but for humiliating defeats from end to end. Certainly, BC has had more than their share of those, but they have also been competitive in a number of games, even some they didn’t ultimately win. The guys can go into the offseason and next year knowing that even at their weakest, they could pick off some opposition at this level.

Having multiple Eagles come in as ACC Rookies of the Week. Granted, the Eagles have many rookies from whom to choose, but Ryan Anderson, Dennis Clifford, and Lonnie Jackson have all won the honor. It’s not much, but for all three to say that, for one week, they played better than any other freshman in the conference means a little something.

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