Montel Harris Injured in Spring Practice; What’s Next?


On Tuesday afternoon, Boston College Eagles fans learned that Montel Harris, who had been the team’s featured back for several years, has become injured for a third time. The school announced that Harris will miss the remainder of spring practices after re-aggravating the knee injury which ended his last two seasons. He only participated in the first session and became sore.

As I said less than a week ago, when Montel was cleared to resume practicing, it was fine to have faith in him, but unfair to expect him to be the same player he used to be. Now, we have received even more bad news with regards to his health, and he did not even make it through the first day of spring practice without having an issue. The problem, of course, is the same knee that ended his season in 2010 towards the end and in 2011 after just one game.

Say what you will, but the trend here is not good. It could be that shutting Harris down for the rest of the spring is a precautionary measure, and given his medical history it is one I endorse, but it’s a decision that ideally wouldn’t have to be made at all. One would hope that if he were truly healing and ready to contribute to the team once again, he could get through the spring without incident. The fact that he has re-injured himself on the first try after just having been cleared to participate a week ago is a bad sign.

I am not a medical doctor and I have not examined his knee, but one does not have to be to get the idea that his knee issues are (a) serious and (b) recurring. I hope this does not cost him what at one point looked like a promising football career beyond Boston College, but it is hard to retain much optimism. Going forward, Eagles fans would be wise not to count on production from him until they have definitive, tangible reasons to do so (as in, he plays in games and functions adequately).

It is a harsh truth to speak about one of the most likeable and prolific running backs to come through Chestnut Hill, but unfortunately, things in life are not always fair. We must all continue to wish Montel success as he tries to battle back, but there is nothing good to take away from this news, and it creates more questions about the durability of his knee.