2012 BC Mock Drafts, Installment 2: Kuechly Still an Eagle?


One thought around college football and NFL draft circles is that Luke Kuechly will remain an Eagle. No, not a Boston College Eagle (we should be so lucky) but a Philadelphia Eagle. That is one team that has come up over and over again, the Philadelphia media has taken a particular interest in him, and he would fill a need for them at linebacker. Do I endorse that? Of course not, because I would have no alternative but to root against him and his green-clad buddies, but there’s still time for him to be spared that cruel fate.

It has been about three weeks since analyzing the popular mock drafts; this is what they are saying now:

Luke Kuechly

DraftCountdown.com: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
DraftTek: Round 1, Pick 15: Philadelphia Eagles
CBS Sports (Rob Rang): Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
CBS Sports (Dane Brugler): Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
WalterFootball.com: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
DraftSite: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
NFL Draft Info: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
Your NFL Draft: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles
The New NFL Draft: Round 1, Pick 15 — Philadelphia Eagles

Donnie Fletcher

DraftTek: Round 4, Pick 105 Overall — Buffalo Bills
DraftSite: Round 6, Pick 182 Overall — Pittsburgh Steelers

Max Holloway
Defensive end

DraftSite: Round 7, Pick 196 Overall — Washington Redskins

The New NFL Draft is still drafting Montel Harris in the seventh round, which won’t be happening.

Note: These are based on current mock drafts; at this stage, the ranges may be very large, but expect them to narrow as we draw closer to the draft

Luke Kuechly: Overall pick #15 (unanimous)
Donnie Fletcher: 4th round to undrafted
Max Holloway: 7th round to undrafted
All others: Undrafted

Final Thoughts

Speaking only for myself, how extraordinarily depressing it is that Kuechly to Philadelphia is a consensus choice. Alas, as it stands right now, that’s how it is. Everybody is expecting it, but you never know how things may change. The combine is coming up in about a week, and fortunes have been known to change based upon it. Hopefully, Kuechly will impress and move higher.

All we heard about Donnie Fletcher’s Senior Bowl performance is that it wasn’t good, and yet, one mock actually moved him up to the start of the fourth round. Of course, one other had him late in the sixth and others did not draft him at all. He seems to be enigmatic to the mock drafters, and perhaps to NFL teams; not being able to participate in the combine will probably hurt.

Max Holloway also was not invited, nor was anyone else in BC’s draft class except Kuechly. He was only drafted once, and he slipped to the seventh round at that. I wasn’t particularly upbeat about his chances to begin with and now it would seem that he’s at best a very late selection.