It’s a Miracle: Kevin Rogers Well, Gets Job at Temple


Boston College fans rejoiced on Monday when they learned that former offensive coordinator Kevin Rogers, who left the football program after two games for health reasons, has resurfaced. Rogers (apparently) accepted the quarterbacks coach position at Temple, working with former BC assistant Ryan Day under head coach Steve Addazio.

We never knew how serious Rogers’ condition was, but we respected his privacy. Now, all we can do is give thanks that he is well enough to return to coaching football so soon after he was forced to relieve himself of duty. I can only imagine what kind of difficult ordeal it must have been.

Some people have argued that the school used Rogers’ health as a cover for firing him; can’t we all just be pleased that he is fully recovered from what ailed him? That he is back on his feet and ready to coach again in February after leaving in September shows us all that resolve and determination are key, and something we can all use in our lives; Coach Rogers is an inspiration.

It’s a real shame BC didn’t offer him his old job back when he got better, you know. Either way, I’m sure Boston College is pleased beyond words at Rogers’ speedy recovery.