Attrition: Day, Sirmans Leave Boston College Football Staff


We thought the coaching staff was finalized with the Mike Poidomani hire. No dice.

On Friday afternoon, word reached the internet that Boston College assistant football coaches Ryan Day and Ben Sirmans would be departing from the program. Day has reportedly accepted the offensive coordinator position at Temple while Sirmans will take the same position, running backs coach, at Rutgers with Dave Brock. Day and Sirmans leaving now makes three coaches to jump off the Eagles staff in about a week. We wish both men the best of luck in the future.

For Day, it is a promotion, even though he is going to a MAC school to coach with Steve Addazio (who, by the way, has done a great job with the Owls). For Sirmans, however, it’s a lateral move, but he gets to be an assistant to Brock. Either way, coaches like Brock, Day, and Sirmans had two ways of looking at their situation:

• Accept offer at new school, promotion or no promotion, and get a fresh start
• Stay at Boston College and watch as the Spaziani regime continues spiraling to its ultimate doom, in which case I will be fired along with everybody else

The other sad reality is that both programs these three coaches have left for are in better shape than ours right now, so for all, it’s hard to say it doesn’t make sense. They’ve got new jobs at decent schools and they’re off the sinking ship.

Sirmans is also supposedly a good recruiter, and being teamed up with Brock again, that is not good news for BC. Additionally, the two of them will likely be engaged in negative recruiting against Boston College, and their selling point can be very simple and convincing: “look, we were both there, things are going downhill; you don’t want to go there, trust us.” What hurts is that things are going downhill, and the school keeps turning a blind eye to the problem(s).

This ordeal is completely unfair to the kids wearing the maroon and gold on the field every week. They pour everything they’ve got into their play and they’re rewarded with a dysfunctional football program; its problems are perpetuated by an incompetent head coach and the athletic director who put him there (and calls him the best coach we’ve had in the last 15 years). The program deserves better, and the players deserve better. The sooner we get new blood on the top level, the better off we will be.

Unfortunately, speaking of new blood, BC now has three unexpected coaching vacancies to fill.