Dave Brock Leaving Boston College for Rutgers


When several Boston College football players began tweeting about former Eagles offensive coordinator Dave Brock, fans knew something was amiss. The Heights informed us shortly thereafter, however, that Brock was on his way to Rutgers as their new offensive coordinator; the report was confirmed by the Newark Star-Ledger. We wish him all the best in the future and thank him for his time here.

Brock was originally the tight ends coach for BC but was elevated to offensive coordinator after Kevin Rogers’ brief two-game stint ended. He was essentially demoted following the 2011 season to special teams coordinator, with Frank Spaziani making room for New Mexico State offensive coordinator Doug Martin instead.

I was in favor of Brock having gotten an additional year to work as the offensive coordinator, given that Chase Rettig and the offense seemed to have improved somewhat towards the end of the season. He was not afforded that opportunity, however, and now he is going to central New Jersey.

Of course, if the entire coaching staff as presently constituted were given the heave-ho tomorrow, I would not shed a tear, but Brock was also known to be one of BC’s better recruiters, and now, from the perspective of someone who was there, he can “negative recruit” against BC from Piscataway, telling kids why his new digs are better. With New Jersey being fertile territory for Eagles recruiting, that is a bit troublesome; recruiting was poor before, but if the replacement doesn’t specialize in it, it could get even worse. That must be a particular point of emphasis when searching for and ultimately hiring a replacement.

Can anyone blame Brock for jumping ship? Not at all. Boston College demoted him and he was offered a more prominent position at another BCS school, and one that might appeal to him as a native New Jerseyan, so frankly, he’d be foolish not to take it. I don’t wish to overstate Brock’s loss, but I believe Brock’s tenure on the Heights was more good than bad, and on a recruiting front, this could make an impact.