Afternoon Quickie: Women’s Beanpot Tonight; Signing Day Tomorrow


At 5pm tonight, one Beanpot will get underway as the #4 Boston College women’s hockey team will take to the ice against the #7 Northeastern Huskies. The puck drops at Boston University’s Walter Brown Arena.

This, of course, would be a conference matchup if it wasn’t the Beanpot, but it’s an important game nevertheless, as these are the two best teams in Hockey East at the moment. Both teams have nearly identical records, but the Eagles and Huskies have already faced each other three times. Boston College is undefeated in those aforementioned contests, putting together a record of 2-0-1.

The Eagles are the defending Beanpot champions, as well as the best team in the field at present.

After a very good weekend against New Hampshire, men’s hockey rose in the polls to #5 in the nation, recovering from their drop outside the top ten.

Furthermore, one Eagle won accolades from the Hockey East conference: Chris Kreider. He was named co-player of the week, along with Cody Ferriero, brother of Benn and former BC recruit, of Northeastern.

National Signing Day is tomorrow, and there will be plenty of coverage with regards to it on Fansided. The question here on STG will host two options: will we be talking about the guys we bring in, or the guys we don’t? Supplementary question: are we going to make any noise at all, or will all the noise be from BC fans complaining about our weak class?

I have only written an article or two, to my recollection, regarding the current state of our recruiting. As I have noted previously, I have better things to do than hang on the words of 17-year olds, but now that we’ve made it to signing day, this is important for the future of the program. Obviously, the recruiting class is not necessarily finalized tomorrow. Guys can still come and go, and there is no way to predict it. According to Rivals, however, our class doesn’t even rank in the top 50. As a matter of fact, Boston College’s 2012 recruiting class is rated second-weakest in the ACC, only ahead of Wake Forest. Rivals only gives a top 50 overall, but we can extrapolate: Maryland is 6th of 12 in the conference, but barely makes the overall list at 49th. It’s fairly safe to assume that our incoming class as presently constituted is one of the weakest of the BCS AQ schools.

So, what does BC plan to do about it, if anything? Stay tuned. There may be other players coming in relatively soon, so we will adjust and take it from there.