Inaugural ACC Roundtable: State of Our Basketball Programs

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What’s your end-season prediction for your team?

STG: Right now I’m going to say 10-21 (5-11). BC is still one of the lesser teams in the conference but I have confidence, with an ACC schedule that now looks relatively weak in spots, that they can pick off a couple more teams and get to double-digit overall wins. They no longer play like the team that got dismantled by UMass and HC months ago, but they will have setbacks as all young teams do. Most every BC fan you asked before the season started would take that record in a heartbeat.

UNC: Carolina will turn it around and this early season turbulence will turn into a good thing for UNC. The Heels have the best balance of overall talent, size, speed, coaching and experience to win it all. And that’s exactly what I expect this team to do. Expect UNC to go on a tear and enter the NCAA Tournament as a #1 seed and cut down the nets in March.

Maryland: 18-12, with a possible NIT bid. Stoglin makes first team All-ACC, Len makes the All-Rookie team.

Duke: Duke will definitely have a record with a win total in the high 20s and about four and five losses. They will definitely make the finals of the ACC tournament and/or win it. Plus, they’ll definitely make the NCAA tournament. I think they have a shot at winning the championship, especially with all of the talent they have. When Duke last won the NCAA championship back in March 2010, I didn’t expect them to win but I knew they had a shot. The same goes for this year’s Duke team. Go Blue Devils!