Attrition: Akeel Lynch Decommits From BC


On Tuesday night, Boston College football fans were not surprised to learn that three-star (or four, depending on who you ask) running back Akeel Lynch ended his commitment to BC’s 2012 class and is shopping his options elsewhere. It was not a shock as Lynch was practically on tour before announcing and making it quite well known, if not officially, that his commitment was up for grabs. We wish him well in the future.

Eagles football has hit a particularly rough stretch of the offseason, now having lost Luke Kuechly, Max Holloway, Ifeanyi Momah (status is under appeal), and Lynch before he ever put on the uniform. This, of course, is in addition to all of the seniors who have moved on. No question, Boston College could have used him.

Normally, I do not comment much on recruiting as things happen, since staying up to date on the thought processes of 17-year old high school kids is an inefficient use of my time, and not one of any particular interest to me until they sign. This is worthy of comment, however, because I’m not sure how anyone can spin what’s going on with roster movement or the upcoming recruiting class as good. Amongst Lynch leaving, Sam Grant and Jaxon Hood playing the field with status unknown, Steven Daniels’ academic status still not determined, and BC banking scholarships, they better hope they find some diamonds in the rough because we’re going backwards.

While it may be shocking that Lynch decided not to play for BC’s best coach in the past 15 years, in all seriousness, the fact that BC seems to be having trouble holding onto recruits is disturbing. Granted, things have not been going well in this program recently, but they can’t seem to convince some of these guys what the mass media has been saying (that things are actually not going badly, etc.). We hope things work out with Grant, Hood, and Daniels, amongst others, but nothing is a given.

Unfortunately, we must watch this situation unfold, and the net result could be that BC loses even more players before they even get them.