Afternoon Quickie: Momah Jobbed by NCAA, Clifford Gets Noticed


Boston College fans have learned the news from yesterday that Ifeanyi Momah, a fifth-year senior who was injured after a very brief 2011 season, was not granted a waiver for a sixth and final year. The school is appealing, but in the likely event that the appeal is denied, Momah’s career at BC will end with a whimper.

The NCAA is getting flambeed by Eagles fans and the rest of the blogosphere over the decision, and rightly so. Other players, like Case Keenum of Houston, were granted a sixth year of eligibility despite having already played in many more games than Momah, but Momah was the one who was shot down.

ATL did his homework and summed it up thus:

"[Momah] played in seven games as true freshman in 2007. He only played in 11 games as true sophomore due to injury. He redshirted in 2009. In 2010 he played in 13 games. In 2011, he was injured in the first game. That consists of only three full seasons. He has never been in any trouble and has his degree. He missed one full season due to injury and 83% of another season due to injury. Why was he not given the same opportunities as [Robert] Marve and Keenum?"

I would be interested to hear the NCAA’s explanation of why Momah did not get a sixth year. We probably won’t get one, as this is the same fine organization that brought you the BCS and plenty of arcane, selectively-enforced rules, but I would like to know what it is nevertheless. Momah deserves to play again next year.

Overnight, Heights Sports reported that former Eagle football player Steve Lively has written another letter to his alma mater, but this one did not go to the Board of Trustees: it went straight to Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. Though we only have excerpts, it would appear that the language was rather strong. If there is any comment to be had, The Heights will likely supply it.

On Thursday, the men’s basketball team will take their roadshow to Raleigh as they face the NC State Wolfpack. Freshman center Dennis Clifford will next hit the basketball court with a little more recognition, as the ACC just named him Rookie of the Week. He averaged 15 points and 5.5 rebounds in the Eagles’ most recent two victories over Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Obviously, not every one of these freshmen is going to pan out, but I think Clifford will be one of the guys who does. He is proving himself to be an ACC-caliber player.

Tonight, the women’s hockey team will face off against Northeastern at the Kelley Rink. The Eagles have retained their #4 ranking in the Division I Women’s Hockey Poll.

For the men, the news was just as good, as the 14-8-1 Eagles have also maintained their #4 ranking in the USA Today poll, despite some spotty play as of late.