BC at North Carolina: 5 Big Questions with Keeping It Heel

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STG: We all know that this is a very, very bad matchup for BC, and furthermore we know we have virtually no shot. Is there any chance that North Carolina looks past the Eagles and lets BC stick around too long, or will this game be a 76-second knockout?

KIH: Don’t count yourself out completely. BC won’t win, but like I’ve said, UNC has a problem losing focus. Roy Williams about lost it after a 50-point win against some JV team we played earlier this year.

I can see the Eagles keeping the game within 10 or 15 throughout. In the end, you have zero chance of losing by less than 20.

STG Additional Note: My expectation is for a defeat in the range of about 35-40 points, with extremely lopsided rebounding (UNC 2:1 or more).