Just How Lopsided Is The BC-UNC Matchup?


Boston College and its young, inexperienced team will begin its ACC season on Saturday when they head to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to face the UNC Tar Heels. The point spread has not yet been set, but it will almost certainly put BC as underdogs by 30 points or more. There are very good reasons why, seeing as North Carolina is one of the top teams in the nation and Boston College is most certainly not.

In fact, as Eagles fans know, the team is mired in one of its worst seasons in recent memory, and all indications at that things will get much worse before they get better (eventually).

As for this first ACC game (seriously, thank you to the ACC schedule-makers for tossing our freshmen into the fire in their first conference game, but on the bright side, they won’t face Carolina again after this), how bad can it get? Plenty bad if you ask me, but this chart should tell the tale. Presented with minimal further comment:

There were more categories which could have been squeezed onto the chart, but 13 was sufficient to make the point.