Happy New Year from Soaring to Glory


I would like to extend best wishes for 2012 to the Boston College family, the ACC family, the Fansided family, and all others in the audience.

May you be happy, healthy, and wealthy this year, and may it be a year of renewed determination and success for all Eagles sports.

2011 was, by the numbers, a great year for Soaring to Glory. I intend to make 2012 even better, starting with some improvements to the site. For example, on-site graphics have been a recent point of emphasis for the Fansided network. We were doing alright in that department beforehand, but I decided that we need to do even better, so this year we’re going to roll out even flashier site art and more of it.

I can also announce that a site redesign will be completed in the near future, with plenty of additional features for readers.

Enjoy your year. And hopefully, the Mayans were wrong.