The 5 Worst BC Sports Moments of 2011

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2. Football quits against FSU on primetime ESPN

Boston College had the honor of hosting its first Thursday night game since 2006 with Florida State coming to town. It would have perhaps been better for the game to not be played at all.

The Eagles lost 38-7 and were thoroughly embarrassed on national television. The beatdown got so severe that “Boston College” was a United States trending topic on Twitter during the game.

Making it much worse was BC punting in plus territory down big, pounding the run against an elite run defense in the fourth quarter down big, and running the ball up the middle on 2nd & 21 and 3rd & 21 deep in their own territory. It wasn’t bad enough that the Eagles got thrashed: the coach had to throw in the towel, too, with an ultra, ultra-conservative, play-not-to-lose-by-60 gameplan.