The 5 Worst BC Sports Moments of 2011

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4. Freese hits the upright against Duke

It’s one thing when you lose to Duke in basketball, but football is another story.

On September 17, BC was 0-2 and looking to avoid 0-3. The Eagles had a 19-7 lead but went silent in the second half and allowed Duke to come back and take a 20-19 lead. BC got the ball at the end of the game and had a short field goal.

Nate Freese kicks it and it hits the left upright, bouncing back onto the field of play. Duke survives 20-19.

At that precise moment, we knew the season would be a disaster. Don’t blame Freese, though: yes, he should have made the kick, but why did BC not score any other points in the second half? Why couldn’t BC hold a 12-point lead? Why did BC let Duke QB Sean Renfree complete 40 passes, a school record? It’s convenient to point the finger at Freese, but BC lost as a team. His kick merely sent notice to BC fans that it was not going to be our year.