Updated Kuechly Award List, Facebook Page, and BC Ticket Sales


This is what you call a “I have enough material for three tiny articles but I’m going to cram them all together” article. This is mostly a sportless BC week; take what you can get.

Without further ado, ISSUE ONE! (in John McLaughlin voice): Luke Kuechly’s Awards List, Updated

As we know, since the original article a few days ago, Kuechly has won even more awards. I knew about the Nagurski Trophy yet to come, but I didn’t know virtually everybody in America had their own All-America team.

This is the new list, including every accolade he received until yesterday:

• Unanimous All-ACC First Team selection

• ACC Defensive Player of the Year

• Butkus Award

• Rotary Lombardi Award

• Walter Camp First-Team All-American

• Football Writers’ Association of America All-American

• Lott Impact Trophy

• Nagurski Award

• Associated Press First-Team All American

• Sports Illustrated First-Team All American

I’d say that’s a pretty good season.

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Finally, Boston College is offering ticket deals again. Clicking on the picture below will take you to the BC ticket portal; be sure to get your hands on some for yourself or the BC Eagle(s) in your life.