How to Survive BC Hockey’s Three-Week Break


If you’re a Boston College hockey fan, this is the second-most dark period of the year. The first, obviously, is the offseason. The Eagles will not take to the ice again until December 29th against Michigan for the Great Lakes Invitational in Detroit. The kids need to take their finals and have some semblance of a Christmas before getting back to work.

So, then, how can a Boston College hockey fan get through the three-week layoff in between games without getting the shakes? There are a few ways.

• Watch this video from 2010.

It gets even better after about the third or fourth time you replay it.

• Then watch this one.

• Now try this, from last season.

• Try out BC basketball. Both the men’s and women’s teams are competing, and though neither one has seen much success, they’re moving forward. They will both be playing over this break, with the men’s team coming back on Sunday.

• Go Christmas shopping. It’ll take your mind off of it.

• Check out the upcoming schedule to see which games about which you’ll get most excited.  If that’s not good enough, then buy tickets.

Stay strong, BC fans. Together, we’ll get through this.