Meet Your New Basketball Eagles: Deirunas Visockas

Next up on the list is not, I repeat, NOT from California – but he did play his high school ball there, if that counts. Yes, it’s Deirunas Visockas (#2), and he’s from Lithuania.

Visockas is no freshman, either. He is officially listed as a graduate student, which for all intents and purposes makes him a senior, given that he’s only got one year of eligibility remaining. Visockas, at 6-4 and 192 pounds, played two seasons for Lafayette in the Patriot League before sitting out the last two seasons with injuries.

In fact, it’s quite unfortunate, but his entire college career has been marred by injuries. In his freshman year at Lafayette, he missed four games due to injury but otherwise played well. His sophomore season, however, was not as forgiving, as Visockas missed the vast majority of that season, appearing only eight times. Of course, we know that after that, his 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons were wiped out. It’s a shame, because all indications were that he has talent, but has not been able to put a full season together.

Visockas may look like a bench guy, but he is the second-oldest player on the team (Salah Abdo has him beat by a few months) and has experience at the collegiate level. With him not having played for the last few seasons, though, we don’t have much from which to build. As such, there is little in the way of scouting and there’s no sense in digging up his high school or even Lafayette reports, seeing as he is 23 and years removed from both. Visockas was one of the few players not to appear in the exhibition game against AIC, however, which makes one believe that he is not going to be called on for a lot, at least in the near future.

He seems like a guy that will play on a limited basis and may be more of an elder statesman/leader type of player. I don’t expect that he will get a lot of minutes game-to-game, but if BC does get anything more than a few decent minutes out of him here and there, that’s gravy. Hopefully, he is given the chance to succeed, takes it, and can end his NCAA career on a high note at Boston College.