Wake Forest at Boston College: Bottom Line & Pick


Tough, tough game to pick.

This time last month, I would have told you the Eagles might have been touchdown favorites or better in this matchup. I also would have penciled it in as a win. Today, however, one day before the game, I cannot approach it with the same level of confidence as I had several weeks ago.

This game feels like a pure toss-up to me.

It screams “close” all the way from start to finish, so at least in that sense, I definitely am not expecting a game for BC like last weekend, which felt effortless from the first snap (probably because Kellen Pagel tossed a pick on the first play from scrimmage). The question now becomes if this will be a close win where they play well, or just a close loss where they play like they did against Duke.

My view, which has clearly evolved over the course of September, is that the difference between Boston College and Wake Forest isn’t that big. I had figured it was bigger – after all, Boston College looked like they would be improved this year, and though Wake was sure to move forward as well, the Eagles were the more likely candidate to bounce back and have a respectable season. Now, I’m not sure if either one will.

That’s all moot, however; what matters is this football game. There are certain things I assume will happen:

• The Eagles will not score 45 points this week, or come close
• Tanner Price will have a good day against Boston College’s secondary
• Montel Harris will have a respectable outing
• Neither team will have much success getting to the quarterback

I could be entirely wrong, but those are a few of the things I envision. So, when you add it all up, what do you get?

My heart says Boston College guts out a win, but my head is pointing towards a reversal back to the pre-UMass days of suck. Not that I think the score will be disgusting, but the effort output might be. Tanner Price is off to a good start, and he is capable of putting up big yardage. Boston College’s secondary will allow him to take yards in large chunks, and that will be difficult to overcome. Further, I don’t expect him to make nearly as many mistakes as he made in the last game they played.

The Eagles will get their chances, and will take advantage of some of them, but not all. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m going 27-24 Wake Forest. Make me regret it, Eagles.