Wake Forest at Boston College: 5 big questions

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1.) Was the UMass game a predictable fluke or will the Eagles build off of their win?

If we mean fluke in terms of “they won’t score 45 points again and/or run roughshod over Wake all day long,” then yes. If we mean simply winning, then no.

I have not decided on a pick for this game yet, but neither outcome would surprise me. The Eagles do have a legitimate chance of winning this game, so they just might back up their UMass victory with another win.

Of course, there is also the chance that they might not just lose, but play as badly as the first three games in so doing. I haven’t forgotten that Northwestern, UCF, and Duke happened, despite the innate desire to want to gloss over it on account of a blowout win over a bad team.

I will get into more depth tomorrow, since this leads directly into the rationale for the pick I have yet to make but I’m definitely leaning in a particular direction.