Wake Forest at Boston College: 5 big questions

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3.) Boston College and Wake Forest can’t get to the quarterback or stop the other team from doing it; what’s going to give?

Here’s why I’m asking this question:

Boston College times sacked: 10
Wake Forest times sacked: 8

Boston College sacks: 4
Wake Forest sacks: 2

Clearly, both of these teams do a good job of having their own quarterback hit the turf, but can’t seem to do it to the other team’s quarterback. This week, there is a matchup of two teams who get sacked a lot but don’t do much sacking, so something has to give.

What I am personally expecting is very little in the way of pressure on the quarterback for both teams, for the most part. The Eagles’ offensive line hasn’t held up too well so far against teams better than UMass, but Wake Forest hasn’t done much in the way of getting to the quarterback, either. Likewise, Boston College hasn’t been very good at this sacking business, this year or in recent years (T-98th in FBS this year, T-90th last year, 103rd in 2009), so I don’t think Tanner Price will get to have too many face-to-face meetings with the Alumni Stadium grass.