Wake Forest at Boston College: 5 big questions

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No introduction necessary today; we’re off to the races.

5.) Is the loser of this game headed for the ACC Atlantic basement?

Not necessarily. If it’s Boston College, possibly. If it’s Wake Forest, no.

The fact of the matter is, even though the Demon Deacons don’t look as bad so far as we all thought they might be, they already have an ACC win, and beating BC would make it two. The Eagles, on the other hand, would be 0-2 in the ACC in the two easiest games they will play in-conference this season. That bodes particularly poorly for Boston College, considering how teams like (for example) Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Clemson will probably do horrible things to inconsistent clubs like the Eagles.

Now, you have teams like Maryland and NC State that are also doing worse than expected, so it’s entirely possible that one of them could crater just as badly as Boston College has early on in the season and find their way to the ACC Atlantic dungeon, but whether Wake Forest wins or loses, I don’t think they’re heading for 6th place.  They look like they could potentially win a few more conference contests, whereas if BC loses, I don’t see a whole lot of W’s on the schedule.