Duke at Boston College: 5 big questions

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3.) Will Dave Brock bring any big changes to the offense?

In a word: no. At least not this week.

Brock is a former offensive coordinator himself with Kansas State, and under his leadership, the Wildcats actually did alright for themselves. This has led some to wonder openly what he could bring to the position.

One thing nobody should expect this week is a totally new scheme. Now, prior to some developments yesterday, I was all prepared to to tell you that there was no reason to assume Rogers wasn’t coming back. Well, that seems a whole hell of a lot less likely, now doesn’t it? Second, it is unwise to completely rewrite the offensive playbook (for better or worse) mid-season, and third, even if they were going to do it, it takes time. An abrupt change will create a great deal of disharmony and confusion (well, more than what we’ve been seeing on the field over the last few years). Aside from that, it’s just not good policy. If it’s true that Rogers isn’t returning, however, then I guess we may see a gradual shift toward’s Brock’s way of doing things (unless he is taking his marching orders from a higher power, in which case expect Tranquill-esque handcuffed playcalling and boring predictability).

All of this depends on Rogers’ status, if we ever truly find out what it is. My gut tells me that his “indefinite” leave is more like a permanent one and that this is Dave Brock’s offense now. I also have a sneaking suspicion (but don’t quote me on it as gospel) that Brock’s strings are going to be pulled in his new position and he will be required to follow orders.

The only place we might see some difference is in playcalling. Brock may call things a little differently from Rogers, and if so, I’m sure we’ll notice. Otherwise, don’t expect wholesale changes against Duke.