Duke at Boston College: 5 big questions

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It’s been a tough first two weeks of the season, and we all have things we’d like to know about what awaits this Boston College team and what this Duke game means. A month or two ago, some may have penciled this one in as a win, thinking BC would already be 1-1 or 2-0 and looking alright. In reality, however, BC is 0-2 and hasn’t shown the fans much. These are the five biggest questions going into this Saturday’s game:

5.) Seriously, what kind of crowd size are we looking at here?

First, by no means do I intend to discourage fans from going. For the Northwestern game, the Eagles drew an announced crowd of over 37,500, and part of that was doubtlessly because it was the home opener and you’re going to get people at the first home game.

I was prepared to say that I didn’t expect a great crowd, and I suppose I expect it to be a little less than their norm, but then I researched last season’s attendance. A 2-5 Eagles team drew 37,000 against Clemson, and a 5-5 BC team pulled in 39,000 against Virginia (how many of those were opposing fans in either game, I’m not sure). This year, however, you have two sub-par 0-2 teams facing one another, and Duke on grass is clearly inferior to Duke on hardwood, which would be one of the hardest tickets to get in Boston.

Honestly, despite the bad start, I think you can expect something relatively average for Boston College home games — between 35 and 39,000 fans. That’s what will be announced, anyway.