Boston College at Central Florida: 5 big questions

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3.) Will BC get the Kain Colter treatment from Jeff Godfrey?

It’s possible, particularly if the defense looks just about the same as against Northwestern. Godfrey is regarded as a “dual threat” quarterback, and we know from his strong freshman season that he can indeed pass and run it himself. That sounds an awful lot like this backup quarterback about whom nobody was talking prior to last weekend. Of course, Northwestern and UCF don’t run their offenses the same (UCF was more run-happy last year), and UCF is down a few key receivers from last season, but it’s only Week 2, and opposing teams already have a basic blueprint on how to confound the Eagles’ defense.

Depending on what kind of adjustments BC has (or has not) made this week in practice, if UCF throws a similar gameplan at the Eagles, and the Eagles react the same way as they did against Northwestern, then simply put, we’re going to see the same results.