Boston College at Central Florida: 5 big questions

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4.) Will BC’s “first road game woes” under Spaz continue?

If you don’t know what I mean by that, let me refresh your memory:

First road game, 10/9/10: Loss to NC State, 44-17. Legitimately ugly game that Boston College was never really in — NC State had 422 yards of offense, including 328 passing yards from Russell Wilson and three touchdowns. The Eagles trailed by 34 points in the fourth quarter before a garbage time touchdown narrowed the gap to the final score.

First road game, 9/19/09: Loss to Clemson, 25-7. Literally the worst offensive performance I have ever seen from a football team on any level. Clemson only managed 253 yards of offense, but BC ended up with 54. Four turnovers, 1/12 on third down, five completed passes, ten punts.

Boston College has lost their first road game in each of the last two seasons in tremendously awful fashion. We already know that UCF will at least be a passable team this year, and that the Eagles have had their hiccups. It wouldn’t take much effort for the Eagles to do better than either of those two games, but Central Florida is going to be a tougher out than some realize, and not having beaten an AQ school at home yet, they may smell blood in the water. The Eagles put themselves in this position and now they’re going to have to fight their way back out by rebounding from last week’s tough loss.