Attrition: Dominick LeGrande leaves BC football program


Didn’t BC just lose a safety earlier this week?

Oh yeah, we did.

Okechukwu Okoroha was dismissed from Boston College football on Monday, and today, it was announced that senior strong safety (and starter, how’s that for alliteration) Dominick LeGrande is going to transfer. Neither one of these young men had participated in the team scrimmage this past weekend, leading some to wonder what their status would be. Okoroha’s dismissal was announced shortly thereafter, and LeGrande’s status had been in question until today.

It is unclear at this time what LeGrande’s motivations were or where he will go. He will end his Boston College playing career with 69 tackles and two interceptions, assuming the stats available are accurate.

LeGrande’s time at Boston College was at times rocky; he had been suspended by the team in the middle of last season due to a violation of team rules, and in early 2010, he was arrested for drunk driving in New York.

Now, with another loss to the team, the Eagles are going to have to cope again. It seems almost certain now that Jim Noel will be returning to one of the available starting safety positions; Noel started at LeGrande’s former position of strong safety when LeGrande was suspended and he didn’t give that spot up for the rest of the season. As far as stacking the secondary with other safeties, Hampton Hughes is another candidate. He came to the school as a safety, was about to switch to wide receiver this year, but looks like he will be a consideration for moving back to safety and seeing some significant playing time. All I know is that the coaches will have to get creative when figuring out where to put the personnel they still have.

The Boston College football season begins a week from tomorrow, and already, this is starting to feel like a “death by a thousand cuts” type of year. I suppose in a way that it’s better to get this attrition stuff out of the way before the start of play, but no matter how you slice it, the Eagles’ depth in the secondary has truly taken a beating this week.