2011 ACC Atlantic predictions

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4th place: Boston College

Speaking of teams that lacked offensive creativity last year, here are our hometown Boston College Eagles. I’m sure that by putting them in fourth place I will get a few negative reactions from the Superfan faithful, or positive relative to how you view the possible loss of Montel Harris, but I do believe this is a realistic projection and I was thinking with my head, not my heart on this one.

Yes, BC looks to have made some positive strides this year. Chase Rettig will get a full season to work, Colin Larmond Jr. is back, and the offensive coordinator has thankfully been replaced, but the Eagles’ schedule is also much more difficult and their generally-conservative gameplan probably won’t catapult them to the top.

I still believe Boston College will be bowl-eligible, but it is going to be hard to win in this division this year. The defense will keep them in games but they will go as far as Rettig and Kevin Rogers take them.  It remains to be seen what results Rogers will get, but if he gets anything out of this offense at all, he’s an improvement.